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Every six seconds, a pet owner
is faced with a vet bill for over $1,000

As a veterinarian, there are few things more difficult than seeing pet parents have to make difficult decisions regarding their pet’s health because of financial constraints. Petplan has been making that decision easier for more than 34 years. The peace of mind that pet parents get, knowing they don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of their pet’s care, is immeasurable.


Because Petplan introduced plans that offered coverage for congenital and hereditary disease, flat-rate reimbursement and the guarantee that pets will be Covered For LifeTM, both pet owners and veterinary professionals are starting to get enthused about pet health insurance. And for good reason; when you consider that Americans spend more than $1.3 billion dollars every year on cruciate ligament repairs alone, financial planning for veterinary fees is essential.


However, not all plans are equal – the biggest recommendation I could make to pet parents or veterinary professionals regarding pet insurance is to do their homework before buying or recommending. And, after purchase, most policies have a full money-back period (at Petplan, this is 30 days, though this varies by company) – use this time to look over the policy and make sure it meets your needs. Pet insurance really is a phenomenal risk management tool, but pet parents must make sure that what they’re buying is right for their needs.


Dr. Jules Benson, BVSc MRCVS

VP Veterinary Services, Petplan


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