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Get Your Paws Wet

For puppies up to 6 months of age

Introduction to basic obedience cues; Sit, Stay, Focus, Come, Down and general leash manners.  Name Game, Supervised off leash playtime establishing socialization skills to both people and other dogs.  Each week there will be an open discussion covering one or more of these topics: natural dog behaviors and problem solving (housebreaking, crate training, puppy nipping and rough play)  Training equipment, Grooming Safety and pet parenting skills.  (At the trainers discretion, puppy class may be extended beyond the six week group class, if available and beneficial to the puppy.)

Sit Happens

For dogs 6 months and older

This hands on course teaches you to train your dog basic obedience: Sit, Sity-Stay, Down, Come, Focus/Release and Loose Leashing Walking using positive reinforcement methods.  We discuss natural dog behaviors and problem solving.  These classes will provide on-leash socialization for your dog, while learning in an controlled environment.  This course is great for the untrained, as well as, a “brush up” for those dogs who won’t listen.  Basic Clicker Training. Safety.

Strut Your Mutt

For dogs that have successfully completed Sit Happens

Refining your dogs basic obedience skills; Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking and Heeling.   Working your dog with distance and distractions.  Preparing for AKC Good Citizen Award.

Clicker Training. Safety

Behavioral Consultation $125

Private Lessons

Private Lessons offer you the opportunity to work individually with your dog in the comfort of your own home, when your schedule permits.  The program will be designed to meet your dog’s specific training and/or behavior modification needs.  There is no minimum number of lessons required and each lesson is approximately one hour. At the trainers discretion participation in group obedience may be extended at a very minimal cost (if available and beneficial to the dog).

Individual Services for the Problem Pooch

Housebreaking Fur Sure


This program includes an in-home consultation and assessment, Housebreaking Treatment Plan customized and written for your specific needs.  In addition, a follow up call to insure your dog is on his/her way to being accident free. $125.


Follow the Leader – Loose Leash Walking

Having difficulty walking your dog?  Is he/she pulling you down the street?  This mini-course consists of an in-home consultation/lesson, fitting of new humane equipment (if needed) and a follow-up lesson.  $150.00