About Victoria....World-renowned dog trainer, best-selling author and TV personality Victoria Stilwell is best known for her role as the star of Animal Planet's hit TV series

It's Me or the Dog, through which she is able to share her insight and passion for positive reinforcement dog training.  For more visit Victoria's official site at www.positively.com

Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer Kathleen Georgevich can help with everything from basic obedience training to more extreme behavior problems.
Do you need help with your dog?

.  Basic obedience

.  New puppy

.  Housetraining

.  Introducing a new dog

.  Digging

.  Chewing

.  Shyness

.  Leash-pulling

.  Fear of people or

.  Separation anxiety

.  Aggression

.  Rescue rehabilitation

.  Doesn't come when            called

What is Positive Reinforcement? 


Kathleen Georgevich and Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training believe it is vitally important for owners to give their dogs the opportunities and the tools they need to live successfully in a human world.  A dog that is given consistent guidance from an early age grows up to be a confident dog.  Education brings security, security brings confidence, and a confident dog has no need to show anxiety-based behaviors.

The strongest relationships between dogs and humans are based on cooperation and kindness rather than a human dominance/animal submission methodology which is central to outdated traditional training methods.  Positive training helps to establish and maintain a connection that increases trust and therefore creastes a stronger bond between dog and owner, because if your dog feels good about you, he will be a happier and better-behaved dog.

Ultimately, positive training results in a dog who follows and owner because it wants to rather than following out of fear, while traditional training uses punitive methods to force a dog to behave, often resulting in a "quick fix" that never truly identifies the root cause of the misbehavior and promotes insecurity.


Why hire a VSPDT trainer?


   ALL VSPDT Trainers:

Are hand selected by Victoria

.  Train dogs using only positive reinforcement

.  Avoid force & outdated dominance-based


.  Share Victoria's ability to talk and thing dog -


.  Practice the highest level of courtesy and


.  Respect you and your dog at all times.

.  Share the VSPDT mission of creating healthier

   more balanced relationships between dogs and


.  Help the Victoria Stilwell Foundation support  

   canine assistance organizations and rescue



Having worked with Victoria, Kathleen has been personally selected by Victoria to represent her in the New York Metro area; by joining Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training

- bringing Victoria's humane, science-based, force-free positive reinforcement training methods to your community with a name and philisophy you know you can trust.